This is a collection of songs written over the last few years as I've worked to make a name for myself as an actor, singer, writer, and teacher. I've been most directly influenced by the music I loved in high school, like Bright Eyes, Bruce Springsteen, Reel Big Fish, and (of course) musical theater. I recorded the whole thing in my home in Highland Park. 


I've worked for minimum wage at many different jobs. Overworked and underpaid. But I've been lucky to work at all. Should I have a seat in the back and shut up about my problems? I did. But my community and my friends have inspired me to write these songs, and so I dedicate them to all whose struggle goes unnoticed and unresolved. 


I'm a child of privilege and time to spare

gotta open my mouth even though I'm scared

that I'll sound like a fool when I'm trying to care

but I'm no good to anyone if I don't dare to try

I reject the notion that everything will be alright. 


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